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Officers & Business Agents


Carl Pecoraro - Secretary-Treasurer

Carl has been a member of Teamsters Local 507 for over 33 years. He started with Local 507 as a warehouseman at The George Worthington Company. Carl currently serves the members of Local 507 as Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer of the Local as well as Chairman of the Cleveland Bakers and Teamsters Health & Welfare and Pension Funds and Teamsters Local 507 CER Fund. In addition, Carl serves as a Trustee with Joint Council No. 41.  He has served the membership of Local 507 in numerous capacities over the last 30 years including business agent and organizer. Carl also sits as a Director of the Warehouse Division for the Ohio Conference of Teamsters. Carl has been happily married 30+ years to his wife Amy and has four children, Abby, Cory, Aryn and Collin.


Ray Brown - President

Ray Brown is a 2nd generation Teamsters Local 507 member and has been in the Union for more than 30 years. His father was an A&P Foods warehouseman and Ray followed in his those footsteps (as written in his St. Edward High School Football Yearbook). In addition to being a Local 507 Business Agent for 25 of those years, he serves our membership as President as well as Trustee of the Cleveland Bakers and Teamsters Health & Welfare and Pension Funds and Teamsters Local 507 CER Fund. Ray has been through some tough times, the toughest of which was losing his wife to breast cancer in January of 2002. He is now remarried to Karen and is acting father to her two daughters, Hannah, 13 and Melanie, 8, who lost their father as well in 2000. He has two children, Brittny and Ray J. Ray’s approach to life is to persevere, and know that with faith, we are never alone, no matter how bleak things appear!


Safeyyah Edwards - Vice President

Safeyyah was appointed as a Trustee on the Executive Board in June of 2010 and elected as Vice President in 2015.  She has been an employee of the American Red Cross for 15 years and a Teamster and Union Steward for eight of those years.  During her time as a member of the Union, she has helpedwith arbitration cases, regularly attends the Teamsters Women’s Conference and is a member of the Teamsters National Black Caucus.  She is proactive and contributes time and resources which, as a member of this great Union, helps, along with others, to strengthen and promote solidarity.  Safeyyah says to expect more of the same dedication and commitment to her new position as Vice President as she has displayed over the past years as Trustee.


Joe Molnar - Recording Secretary

Joe has worked in two warehouses in his more than 35 years in Local 507. The first 5 yearswere at Myron Nickman and the last 30+ years have been at Fazio's/Riser/Giant Eagle (all the same place). He was elected as a Shop Steward by his co-workers for over 25 of these years. His greatest honor as a Teamster occurred in 2000 when he was appointed to the Executive Board as a Trustee. He has since been elected to the position of Recording Secretary in 2015 and appointed as Trustee on the Cleveland Bakers and Teamsters Health & Welfare and Pension Funds. Joe has been married to his wife Tricia for almost 30 years. They have been blessed with four great children; Ed, Kevin, Shamus, and Julia, who are are all unique individuals and any parent would be proud of them.


Edwin Reyes - Trustee

Edwin was nominated to serve as a Trustee on the Executive Board for the 3-year term beginning January 1, 2012; he accepted and, in his words, was humbled and honored.  He brings a multicultural dimension to the Board, for our diverse and multicultural membership.  Edwin has been working at Clifton Steel Company as a steel burner for more than 21 years.  His co-workers elected him to serve as their Union Steward seven years ago.  As a Teamster, he has been active in local political campaigns and issues, such as SB-5, as well as for the Obama campaign in 2008.  Edwin has been married to his wife Jazmin Torres-Lugo, an attorney, for 34+ years and they have three lovely children; Stephanie, Jessamin and KellyEd.


Robert A. Johnson, Jr. - Trustee

Rob has worked as a mechanic at Sysco Foods for 17 years and was appointed as a Business Agent in 2014 and elected as a Trustee on the Executive Board in 2015.  In addition, Rob is a Trustee on the Cleveland Bakers and Teamsters Health & Welfare and Pension Funds and the Teamsters Local 507 CER Fund.



Eric McKee - Trustee

Eric has worked at Riser Foods for 20 years and has served as Union Steward for close to seven of those years.  He was elected to the position of Trustee on the Teamsters Local 507 Executive Board in 2015.

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